/Ferdinand Yet again Ferdinand Continues… Company! Police Asked to Arrest Ferdinand Hutahaean 1×24 Hrs

Ferdinand Yet again Ferdinand Continues… Company! Police Asked to Arrest Ferdinand Hutahaean 1×24 Hrs

The Indonesian National Police (Polri) has been urged to quickly arrest Ferdinand Hutahaean for his tweet which is alleged to have blasphemed towards faith. In his tweet, Ferdinand wrote: ‘Your God is weak you need to be defended, my God is incredible, you don’t will need to be defended’.

The typical chairman of the MPO of the Indonesian Youth Countrywide Committee (KNPI) Lisman Hasibuan said that Ferdinand’s tweet was insulting, insulting and insulting to God and religious beliefs.

“In our view, from the KNPI MPO, the tweet from the @FerdinandHaean3 account which allegedly belongs to Ferdinand Hutahaean’s brother is quite insulting, insulting and insulting to God and spiritual beliefs,” mentioned Lisman in a penned assertion, Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

For this purpose, he urges the Nationwide Police Chief Basic Listyo Sigit Prabowo and other ranks of the law enforcement to straight away arrest and method Ferdinand Hutahaean’s brother within 1×24 several hours.

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“This is for the sake of upholding the regulation, respecting religious beliefs, and protecting against undesirable items from happening,” he claimed.

For details, the identify Ferdinand Hutahaean turned a dialogue after uploading a controversial sentence that was suspected of currently being blasphemy through his account Twitterhis @FerdinandHaean3 on January 4, 2022.

Soon after the add, the hashtag #TangkapFerdinand was trending on Twitter social media. Lots of criticized Ferdinand Hutahaean’s tweet for alleged blasphemy.

“It is really a pity that your God is weak and need to be defended. If I were, my God is incredible, all-powerful, He is often my defender and my God won’t require to be defended,” wrote Ferdinand on his Twitter account, @FerdinandHaean3.

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