/Immediately after Defending Anies About JIS, Musni Umar Talks About Preventing Sheep, Slander and Lies!

Immediately after Defending Anies About JIS, Musni Umar Talks About Preventing Sheep, Slander and Lies!

Warta Ekonomi, Jakarta –

Continue to in the Idul Fitri 2024 atmosphere, the Chancellor of Ibn Chaldun University, Prof. Musni Umar, described that men and women can construct narratives to unite and make this country tranquil.

“Stop producing narratives of battling sheep, slander and lies,” reported Musni Umar, quoted from his Twitter account @musniumar, Thursday (5/5/2022).

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Additionally, Musni Umar also invitations the entire neighborhood to unite in acknowledging the security and progress of the whole Indonesian country.

“Build a narrative that unites and makes this nation peaceful,” he claimed.

Until finally this information was broadcast, Musni Umar did not point out who the particular person referred to in the tweet was.

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Beforehand, Musni Umar regretted allegations that the Independent Commissioner of PT Pelni, Kristia Budhyarto or Dede Budhyarto, associated to Eid prayers at the Jakarta Intercontinental Stadium (JIS).

Musni claimed that Kristia ought to not use diction that triggers hostility.

“In the Eid atmosphere, it is essentially claimed that unites, reconciles in accordance to the intent of fasting Ramadan,” reported Musni Umar, seen from the Twitter account @musniumar.

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