/Industrial Competitiveness Shaken by Increases in Port Service Tariffs

Industrial Competitiveness Shaken by Increases in Port Service Tariffs

ILLUSTRATION. Employees watch loading and unloading of containers at Tanjung Priok Port, North Jakarta, Thursday (15/10/2020) .. ANTARA FOTO / Sigid Kurniawan / nz.

Reporter: Asnil Bambani Amri | Editor: Asnil Amri

KONTAN.CO.ID – A number of business people, both equally exporters and importers, now have to recalculate their operational expenses, relevant to the charge of shipping and delivery merchandise. The motive is, there has been an maximize in the tariffs for a variety of port expert services by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo II), which took result final 7 days, to be exact Oct 15, 2020. This improve in premiums will maximize shipping and delivery prices, which will later on be borne by the owner of the items.

The lifted port tariff is the services charge for the on-carry off (Lo-Lo) lift or the provider cost for elevating and decreasing containers from the ship. For example, the Lo-Lo amount for a 20-foot container, which was previously IDR187,500 for each box, has greater to IDR285,500 for each box. For 40-foot containers, the amount raises from IDR 281,300 for each box to IDR 428,250 for each box.

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