/My Mother’s Clinic, Offers Cheap and Convenient Covid-19 Test Services

My Mother’s Clinic, Offers Cheap and Convenient Covid-19 Test Services

The high rate of transmission of Covid-19 lately has made Indonesian people flock to health facilities to carry out Covid-19 checks, one of the health facilities that offers a fairly complete Covid Test is the Mother Clinic.

The clinic, which was founded last March and was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Sultan Sapta and Kash Topan, now has several branches, including in Pejaten, Sunter, and Kelapa Gading areas. Also Read: Dr. Tirta Stops Talking about Ade Armando’s Death of Covid-19 Patients, Really Shocking!

“We want to be able to reach all levels of society, without discrimination, and provide the best service, of course prioritizing affordable prices, accurate test results, and a comfortable place,” said Sultan Sapta, in his written statement, Tuesday (20/7/). 2021).

The clinic, which was established by Sultan Sapta and Kash Topan, is indeed focused on covid test services, such as Rapid Test, Antigen, PCR, Isothermal Molecular Covid Test, and various kinds of vitamin injections and Covid-19 antibodies. Also Read: Hajj Dormitory Becomes a Special Hospital for Covid-19 | Infographics

Interestingly, my mother’s clinic often provides promo programs to support the acceleration of decreasing the rate of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. “Promotions that we usually provide such as free medical checkups, special prices for prospective students/students in taking the SBMPTN test or private university entrance exams, we also hold a Ramadan promo to give many people the opportunity to stay in touch with a sense of comfort without having to worry about covid-19 “It doesn’t stop there, we also provide hand sanitizer for free,” said Sultan.

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