/Really Unsafe for Jokowi’s Authorities, Denny Darko Asks BIN to intervene

Really Unsafe for Jokowi’s Authorities, Denny Darko Asks BIN to intervene

Magician Denny Darko yet again predicts the issue of Indonesia just after the proposed Jokowi Stop Video game demo in Jakarta. According to him, while the demonstration did not consider spot, the government wants to be additional conscious of the motion.

By means of his flagship tarot card, Denny dismantled the movement that required division in Indonesia.

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“They are really dangerous, which intentionally invitations persons to assemble, even even though Covid-19 is nonetheless superior,” said Denny on his YouTube, quoted from GenPI.co Monday (26/7).

Denny stated, the individual powering the proposal was trying to divide the nation all through the Covid-19 pandemic. He regretted that the proposal had a crime in it.

“Their crime is in the name of the individuals to cause division by way of the demonstration,” he spelled out. Therefore, he mentioned, the Point out Intelligence Company (BIN) must right away dismantle the human being or team at the rear of the phone.

Due to the fact, Denny thinks that the commotion is managed by the political elite who presents the money. “This elite is also managed by outsiders. So, it is perfectly structured,” he extra.

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