/Situation of Novel Cs Fired by KPK for Not Passing ASN, Johan Budi Reacts

Situation of Novel Cs Fired by KPK for Not Passing ASN, Johan Budi Reacts

Member of Fee III of the DPR RI, Johan Budi, spoke about the existence of a quantity of KPK employees who had been threatened with staying fired because they did not go the Nationwide Insight Examination as one particular of the circumstances for switching their standing to ASN. Johan admitted that he did not agree if the ASN examination was applied as a measuring device to dismiss staff members.

In accordance to Johan, the KPK does not need to fireplace staff who do not go the ASN examination. Mainly because dismissing a person who is performing well just for not passing the ASN ted, is really inappropriate.

“Will not be dismissed. I really don’t concur that the ASN check is a measuring resource for dismissing KPK workers, whoever they are,” said Johan Budi, Wednesday, Might 5, 2021.

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The existence of the ASN examination as a person of the situations for transferring personnel status to ASN is not a difficulty. But really don’t allow that be employed as a benchmark for firing personnel.

The determine who was at the time the spokesman for the KPK mentioned, at the KPK there were several workers who had worked for a quite prolonged time, some even achieving 10 decades. It is quite inappropriate for the employee to be fired mainly because he did not pass the ASN exam.

“There are now KPK staff who have been there for more than 10 decades, at the KPK like that. That getting dismissed since of a transfer of status is not acceptable,” he said.

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